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Published: 08th August 2009
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FIXMYWINDSHIELD.com has brought together a coast to coast group of premium auto glass specialists for windshield {replacement and repair|repair and replacement| that matches the customers requests on their schedule 24 hours every day / 7 days every week without making you have to make any calls *or* search multiple auto repair shops to obtain repair or replacement quotes.
"A lot of drivers have had their window hit by a rock at least once. It's a risk you have to take if you drive a auto. It can be either kids playing games in the backyard, rocks kicked up from the car in front of you, or maybe you come back to it like that in the parking lot at the storeand no one has seen what happened. Insurance doesn't cover much damage in this case and you are basically on your own. Now, no one likes to call one repair shop after another, be put on hold or wait for the repair shop assistants to call back only to find out that there are no correct models in stock, they are unable to fix the crack, the cost is huge or any other horrors that we experience in now a days market", said S. "Our state of the art pricing procedure is as convenient as it can bepossible. Even a five year old could get an estimate on replacing the damaged glass on an truck. Experts have been telling consumers that having your windshield repaired A.S.A.P, preferably the exact day it chipped. worse. Another thing, the crack will get longer and wider, because of vibrations, and again, weather conditions.
With the service, you will get a estimate in a minute or quicker. After that, hit either "Windshield Replacement" or "Rock Chip Repair" and that's it, the quotation process is over. No bells and whistles, no mumbo jumbo, you get the price and can choose to emter the order. Can it be much simpler?
"A lot of our customers", continued S. Banks in his interview, "feel that having the windshield repaired is pointless. A cracked windshield will never look like a new one. For some automobiles, getting a new windshield with a crack in it can be unnecessarily expensive, and it may be that it's not required after we do our magic with the chipped one. Ever been pulled over by the police, perhaps, for a minor issue, argued with them and got an extra ticket for having a chipped or defected windshield? Yes, in a lot of states you can get a ticket if you are driving with a broken windshield, if the damaged area stretches over a wider area on the drivers side, in front of the driver. Well, with FIXMYWINDSHIELD.com your troubles are over, our testimonials will show that none of our clients have ever been in trouble again with our repaired windshields; the damage was left were so narrow that it didn't affect visibility. "And yes", concluded S. We have repaired windshields our competitors wouldn't have ever had the skill to. Many customers have told us that they tried multiple repair shops and were told that it can't be repaired, and then asked us and we completed the job. We simply have the best equipment, the finest supplies and the best personnel on the job".
With the large selection of dealers, any windsheild model will be ready. And if the chosen model is not available, you can have it in a couple of working days. For the really budget constrained individual, FIXMYWINDSHIELD.com offers replacing your damaged glass with a reconditioned one that may have few unnoticeable flaws.

You won't regret it, and that's our promise. You'll be pleased with what your glass will look like after we are done with it. Don't listen to anyone saying it can't be repaired, just let the experts do their job.

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